What have you in common?

Each of us is unique. Yet we have many things in common with other people. Shared interests and shared activities help us to bond together and to find companionship.

People with Down's Syndrome enjoy just the same sorts of things as other people. See what you have in common with these letter writers.

From Robert

I collect Blue Peter books. I now have sixteen
and go to lots of shops to find more.
I like to see Liz, Matt, Simon and Konnie on Blue Peter.
It is one of my favourite programmes.

From Patrick

I am 17 years old. I like watching TV and playing
with my playstation and going out with my friends.
I am nearly finished high school. I am getting ready to take GCSE French.
Next year I am going to college.
My hobbies are football and swimming and walking.
I like bowling and disco or cinema and McDonalds.
I go out shopping on my own and I do my money myself
and my key on my own. I do some cooking myself at home
I go out with my mum shopping and I help my mum do her bags in the car
and after that I put the bags at home. I like pop music
and my best groups are Blue and Westlife and S club 7.

From Stuart

I am 18. I live in Orkney, a group of islands off
the north of Scotland. I love football and support Celtic
in Glasgow and I also support Manchester United.
My favourite player is David Beckham.
My favourite bands and singers are Blue, Gareth Gates,
Ronan Keating, S Club (not juniors),Stephen Gately, Westlife and William Young.
I have got two brothers aged fifteen and twenty.

From Sylvia

I am 18 years old and I am 4' 11" tall with long chestnut coloured hair,
with greenish-brown eyes. I live in Kent.
I am doing some work experience in a fashion shop.
My interests are listening to pop music, watching soaps on televisio,
swimming, and just now I am learning to play snooker.
My mum is a nurse and my dad has retired.

From David

I like working e-mail on computer. I go to college in mid-Wales.
My favourite music is H and Claire. I like reading about them
in magazines. I went to London Eye. It was really scary at the top.
I would like to be a postman and hotel manager.
I got a girlfriend at college.

From Amy

I have a very busy life. On Tuesdays I go to music club
and then on to swimming club with my mum. We are both
losing lots of weight. On Wednesday I go to the gateway club where we do lots of good things.
When I am at home I like to listen to my CDs and sing on my karaoke
machine. I also have a dad, a brother and two cats
called Peggy and Bobby.

With thanks to the Down's Syndrome Association.

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