Suggestion for a primary school assembly

Talk to the children about going the wrong way, perhaps in a car, or perhaps a bus driver takes the wrong route. What happens? The driver tries to go in the right direction. (If it is a bus, there may even be a problem in turning it round.) Tell the children that, just 200 years ago, there was a clergyman names Theophilus Lindsey who felt that he was going in the wrong direction. He was a vicar of a very nice church in a very pleasant town called Catterick in North Yorkshire. But he did not agree with some of the things that he was expected to believe. He tried quite hard to get a change to the rules of the church to give himself more freedom. But that did not work. So he gave up his work and left his beautiful church. Following his conscience was more important to him than having a nice place to live and work. He and his wife went to London but he still felt that he had taken the right direction when he became a clergyman. So he opened a new chapel in London, in a street called Essex Street. He was a good speaker and many people came to his new chapel. He was happier himself because he did not have to pretend any longer to believe what he really did not believe. But we might wonder whether he missed the lovely countryside where he used to live.

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