Lindsey's new chapel is opened

On Sunday morning a chapel for divine worship was opened in the Strand, on the plan of a reformed book of common prayer, by the Rev Mr Lindsey, late vicar of Catterick in Yorkshire which benefice (from conscientious principles) he has lately resigned. The new book of prayer, offered to the consideration of all well-disposed Christians, contains many pious and judicious alterations of the church service, nearly in the model recommended by Dr Sam Clarke,* formerly rector of St James's. The congregation was respectable and numerous, and seemed to be particularly pleased with the spirit of moderation, candour and christian benevolence of the preacher whose sermon was perfectly well adapted to the occasion. The text was from the Ephesians chapter iv verse 3 'Endeavouring to keep the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace.'

From The Leeds Mercury, 26 April 1774.

In fact the chapel was opened on 17 April but the Mercury was published only once a week and the report would have been too late for the issue of 19 April.

* Dr Sam Clarke was the Reverend Dr Samuel Clarke (1675-1729) who was rector of St James's, Westminster, and wrote The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity(1712), doubting the divinity of Jesus and suggesting that only God the Father should be the object of worship.

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