Some words to get to know

Latitudinarian - Someone with liberal views, in particular in regard to religious doctrine. The word is often used in relation to clergymen within the Church of England in both the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries who questioned church doctrine.

Nonconformist Broadly a noncornformist can be anybody who does not obey conventional or orthodox ways - someone who does not conform. However, in terms of religious denominations, a nonconformist is someone who refuses to belong to the Church of England, ususally because of a rejection of its doctrines, but does belong to some other denomination.

Dissenter A dissenter is much the same as a nonconformist where religion is concerned. The individual dissents from the doctrine of the Church of England which is the Established, or state, Church. You will often find reference to Protestant Dissenters, that is people who have protestant convictions but dissent from the (also protestant) Church of England.

Vicarage This can be a little confusing because it can mean the position, or benefice, held by a Church of England clergyman, or it can mean the house that the vicar lives in.

Diocese The area, which includes a good many parishes, that is brought together under a bishop and which has a cathedral as it principal place of worship.Both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church have dioceses.

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