Praise the Great and Famous

Now praise we great and famous men
And women named in story;
And praise our God who now as then
Reveals, in all, true glory.

Praise we the wise and brave and strong,
Who graced their generation;
Who helped the right and fought the wrong,
And mad our folk a nation.

Praise we the glorious names we know;
And those whose names are perished,
Lost in the haze of long ago,
In silent love be cherished.

In peace their sacred ashes rest;
Fulfilled their day's endeavour;
They blessed the earth, and they are blessed
Of God and us forever.

From William George Tarrant (1853-1928), published in Hymns For Living, The Lindsey Press.
This may be sung to St Columba or any other 8787 (Iambic) tune.

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