Priestley's appearance and manner

This account of Joseph Priestley is taken from The Life of Priestley, by John Corry (1804):

Dr Priestley was about the middle stature, or five feet eight inches high. He was slender and well proportioned; his complextion was fair, his eyes grey and sparkling with intelligence, and his whole countenance was expressive of the benignity of his heart. He often smiled, but seldom laughed. He was extremely active and agile in his motions. He walked fast and very erect, and his deportment was dignified. His common dress was a black coat without a cape, a fine linen or cambric stock, a cocked hat, a powdered wig (which, however, he laid aside in America), shoes and buckles. The whole of his dress was remarkably clean, and his purity of person and simply dignity of manners evinced that philosophy of propriety which prevailed throughout his conduct as a private individual. He was an ungraceful orator; his voice as low and faltering; and he had a custom of shruggling up his shoulders.

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