A prayer for unity within difference

Different persons, places and things bring;
Different interests and directions to persons;
Different psychic builds and sensations;
Different looks and moves;
Different perspectives and convictions;
Different changes and effects;
Which can cause serenity and staleness;
Anger and hatred;
Jealousy and selfishness;
May the light of this chalice;
Bring Love;
Love, Yes Love;
Again I say Love;
The Love that binds;
All the differences near or far apart;
And keeps us close;
Close like the different coloured threads;
The threads of the pony tail of a bride!!!

P.S. Long threaded pone of different entangled colours is woven for a bride in Pakistan and it is a kind of ornament to the bride.

Chalice lighting prayer by Shaheen Tufail Gill on 11th September, 2003

Unitarians light a chalice at the opening of their services. Others may wish to light a candle.