The Battle of Trafalgar: Another suggestion for a talk to primary school children

Have a flash-card with the name Temeraire on it. If possible show the children a copy of J M W Turner's painting, The Fighting Temeraire. They may be interested to know that it has recently been voted Britain's favourite painting. Tell them that it is Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, that is usually spoken about when people think of the Battle of Trafalgar. Victory is on display at Portsmouth. But without the help of the crew and guns of HMS Temeraire, the battle might not have been won. Sadly Temeraire has not been preserved. Turner's painting shows it going to be broken up.

Many other ships helped Britain to win the Battle of Trafalgar. Achievement is often a team effort. We tend to give praise to the leaders. We should not forget the other members of the team. Nelson was dependent on the captains and crew of all his fleet. We, too, are dependent on each other. We need to respect each other and to be ready to work together for the good of all.

A prayer inspired by Turner's painting of the Fighting Temeraire

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