What a wonderful world

A prayer to be spoken by four children

Dear God,
We think this world is a wonderful place to be. We like how it feels to have a body and to be able to move about and touch things. It's fun to have a voice and to be able to laugh and shout and whisper and even cry.

We like the way our planet earth spins in space bringing us day and night. We like the different seasons of the year - the green summers, the cold dark winters, the flowers in spring and piles of leaves to kick through in autumn.

We like the feel of the earth beneath our feet when we're running about. There are so many different surfaces to walk upon - the golden sand that gets between your toes, the dark mud that makes a mess of your shoes, the soft green grass with daisies growing in it.

We like the wild places of our planet earth - the mountains where eagles fly, the rainforests that are so thick and steamy, the deserts that seem so smpty and yet are full of life if you know where to look - and most of all the wonderful seas that cover seventy per cent of the earth.

Help us, O God, to take care of the oceans, help us to protect all the living creatures of the seas, guide us so that we learn to live in harmony with the whole world, creating a good life for everything that lives and moves upon this our beautiful planet earth.


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