Books, books, books - a prayer

Teacher's 'script'!

Firstly, ask students to close their eyes (for a minute or two at the most!) and think about their favourite book. Ask them to think about physical properties e.g. pictures, shape and size, as well as other properties e.g. how does it make them feel, what people do they meet in the book etc.

Then explain that books are very special, perhaps refer back to previous work on this theme, and that we should say thank-you for these special gifts, either to God or to the world and the people in it who give us books. Ask students to listen to the 'prayer', and to join you in saying 'We say 'Thank You [God]' for books', after each line. Maybe practice saying this line together first.

A 'Thank You' for books.

For the places they show us, and the people we meet,
We say 'Thank You [God]' for books.

For fascinating facts and interesting information,
We say 'Thank You [God]' for books.

For creepy tales and funny stories,
We say 'Thank You [God]' for books.

For helping me with my homework,
We say 'Thank You [God]' for books.

For illustrations and cartoons,
We say 'Thank You [God]' for books.

For things to do on a rainy day,
We say 'Thank You [God]' for books.

For all the titles I've yet to read,
We say 'Thank You[God] for books.

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