Topics for discussion

Never embark on a discussion which will make children fearful or which will lead to considerable distress. Maintain a calm and reassuring atmosphere. Topics should always be relevant to the pupils' level of development.

1. How might we respond to the death of a pet? Would we treat the death of a goldfish in the same way as the death of a family's cat or dog?

2. If someone has been killed in a car accident, it is now quite usual for people to place sprays of flowers, or other items, at the site. Why do they do this? Should this be encouraged or banned?

3. What would you like people to remember about you?

4. Has a death in a story ever affected you?

5. Everyone dies. Why does it seem so much worse when it is a young person who has died?

6. Is cremation preferable to burial?

7. Is it ever right to take someone's life?

<> 8. Would you like to live for ever?

9. Should euthanasia be legalised in those countries where it is still against the law?

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