Facing Death

The wise one should, with spirit calm,
Reflect that death can bring no harm:
For there may be, as poets tell,
A place where after death we dwell,
And there in glory meet at last
The noble heroes of the past.

And if I wholly cease to be
When death at last shall come to me
Then I for one will count it gain
To be beyond the reach of pain:
For nothing then can cause me fright
If death be but a single night.

The wise and good should never dread
Whichever fate awaits the dead:
To live again, or rest in sleep,
Gives no one any cause to weep:
So may one tread with footsteps brave
The path that leads one to the grave

Words of Socrates recast into English by John Andrew Storey. Reproduced from Hymns for Living (1985), The Lindsey Press.

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