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Suggestion for collective worship at primary level

 Ask children how they would feel if they had to eat less bread, few cakes and fewer biscuits and could have only a small amount of meat or bacon each week.  
 Or how they would feel if they went to Mcdonalds or Burger King and were told that they could not have a burger because that was one of Mcdonald's or Burger King's meatless days.  
  Explain that in February 1917 Britain was very short of food. It was especially short of flour, sugar and meat  
 This was because Britain was involved in a war and enemy ships tried to prevent these foods being brought to Britain from across the sea.   Graphic
  Explain that the Government was afraid that if people went on eating normal amounts, the food would run out and some people would be so hungry that they would get ill.  
 So on 3 February 1917 everyone was asked to eat less bread, and less of other things made with flour, like cakes or biscuits. They were asked, too, not to eat more than 2lb 8oz, or about 1,100 gms of meat or sausages or bacon each week.  
 And cafes and hotels were asked to leave meat off the menu on one day a week.  
  But the food shortage got worse and by the end of the year people were being given special ration cards which they had to take to the shops if they wanted to buy sugar, butter, margarine or tea.  
  Now in many countries people have plenty to eat and can choose what they like. We should be thankful for peace which means that ships and aeroplanes can take food to different countries, and thankful to God for all the good things that the earth provides for us to eat.  
  But we should also remember that some people do not have the food they need and we should pray for a better world where no one goes hungry because of war or famine or poverty.  
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