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Things to do  
 1. Draw a picture of a hospital ward.
  2. Write about why you would like to be a nurse, or why you would not like to be a nurse.
 3. Florence Nightingale was described as being 'gentle, wise and quiet' and as having 'no bustle or hurry'. Make a list of the qualities you think a person needs to be a good nurse.
 4. Think of some other jobs or professions and list the qualities people would need to be good at them.
  5. Find out what qualifications are needed today to be accepted for nursing training.
  6. Florence Nightingale had a considerable influence on the design of hospital buildings. Think about what is needed for a surgery where four or five doctors share a practice. Draw a floor plan of what you think would be a suitable building. Or try your hand a drawing a floor plan for a general hospital.
 7. If you know a nurse, ask him or her about the training that he or she had. Perhaps your teacher could invite a nurse in to talk to the class.
 8. Visit the Florence Nightingale Museum, 2 Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7EW.

 9. Find out about other ineteenth-century men and women who worked to bring about reforms in health and welfare.
You might include Mary Carpenter, Edwin Chadwick, Caroline Chisholm, Elizabeth Fry, Octavia Hill and William Rathbone.