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A prayer for nurses  
Let us give thanks for nurses. For their watchful eyes and helping hands. For their soothing smile and willing work.
Let us be grateful for their caring, for their dedication to the sick and the injured.
And let us be grateful to those who train them, in classrooms and in hospital wards.
Nurses are people who make the world a better place and we pray that they may find joy in knowing that in helping others they are serving God.
Florence Nightingales gravestone

  A prayer that we too may serve God
Give us the wisdom, Lord, to put our skills to your work wherever
there is a need that we can answer;
Give us the strength, Lord, to do your work willingly and well;
Give us the patience, Lord, to carry out our tasks faithfully and cheerfully,
whether exciting or part of a daily routine;
Give us the commitment and courage, Lord, to serve you all our lives.
Meditation: Spirit of the Healer
Spirit of the healer,
Spirit of the compassionate touch -
we are thankful for those who give you flesh;
for those who are your hands, your voice.
We give thanks for those who care for us
when we are sick n body or in mind;
who have heard your call to nursing and answered it
- who answer it every working day and night.
To you and them we say thankyou.
Cliff Reed. 

Suggested hymn:

Quite the most appropriate hymn is
"Quick sympathy, hands that brought health To the sick..."
This is by Percy Dearmer and can be found in Songs of Praise, Oxford University Press.