A Meditation on the Wilderness or Meditation for Lent

desert scene 
For one man, driven there long ago, it was bare rock, cave and waterless wadi. What, where, is your wilderness?
Marsh and mudflat, lonely shore; wind whistling through dry winter reeds?
Moorlands, purple with heather in the summertime? The forest, still and deep?
Mountains, eternal pillars of the sky haunt of gods and ravens?
The snowfields - perilous and pure? Even a city lot the wild has reclaimed?
Wilderness - where you are alone with God, and maybe with your demons...
Go now to the wilderness, if you dare. Go there in your mind and soul. Go there and be still...
...Come out, now, out of the wilderness to your cluttered life - but carry the wilderness within you, learn its truth. Cliff Reed. 25.1.1999

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