Things to do

1. Read the account of Jesus' time in the wilderness, in the Christian Scriptures, Matthew 4, verses 1-11. Here Jesus is tempted in order to test his worth and faithfulness to his vocation as a teacher, promoting such values as humility, love and compassion.

2. What might a wilderness be like? Paint a picture of something that you would regard as a wilderness.

3.Find out more about Lent.

And explore more about Lent here too

4.Read some Lent meditations

5. Write a short Lent meditation of your own.

6.Read the accounts in the other gospels of Jesus' time in the wilderness: Mark 1 verses 12-13; Luke 4 verses 1-11.

7. Read about other Biblical figures who have found renewal in the wilderness, in the Hebrew scriptures: Hagar (Genesis 16 verses 6-14); Elijah (1 Kings 19 verses 1-18)

8. Read Tony Bullimore's account of how he prayed when he was alone in the hull of his upturned yacht in the Southern Ocean. It is in his book Saved, published by Warner, pages 250-251.

9. Find out more about Buddhism

10. Find out more about Islam

11. Find out more about a research project based in the Arctic which includes a study of the place of humans in the wilderness.

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