1. ‘If we suffer in the pursuit of our life-work, of that which we consider good and right; if we suffer for the sake of principle and are prepared to risk everything for that principle, loss of outward goods, of position, influence, taking upon ourselves slander, shame, ignominy, death if need be; then our suffering beareth fruit unto life…not for ourselves only, but for others also, for the generation that now is, and maybe for untold generations to come.’

2. ‘Study the religions of the world, hearken devoutly to the psalms of the East and to the songs of the West, kneel silently in the temple of the Buddhist, join in the worship of the Jewish synagogue, or listen to the prayers of the Christian Church; in its essence all worship is one, for all religion is one; for all religion leads to God.’

3. ‘Jesus was sure that harmony with God can only be obtained through perfect love and that such love can never be free from pain, for it is never free from effort and failure; and the way of perfect love is the way of the cross.’

4. ‘Every spiritual experience is in its essential nature a mystery; every yearning after things Divine, every prayer sent up to the Infinite, every aspiration after eternity… We can only understand the Divine language if we attune our minds to it; only by looking for the essence and reality of things shall we become aware that there is a Divine Reality in all things.’

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