Hymns and Worship Songs

Not By Bread Alone

In the spring we ploughed our furrows,
Planted well the fertile seeds;
Now we gather in at Harvest
Food to meet the bodies needs.

Shining pebbles on the sea-shore,
Sunsets in the western skies,
Autumn leaves and winter snowflakes
Bring a Harvest For the eyes.

Science widens our horizons
Till we marvel at each find,
And the ripend fruits of knowledge
Bring a Harvest for the mind.

All the arts we strive to master
With perfection as our goal,
And the times of prayer and worship
Bring a Harvest for the soul

John Andrew Storey, 1935-

Seeds Of Goodness


Melody, John Andrew Storey, 1935-
har. David Dawson

As we celebrate the Harvest,
Food provided for our need,
See the natural law prevailing-
Every fruit true to it's seed.

Does the pine grow from an acorn?
Tulip bulb produce the rose?
Does the farmer harvest barley
From the rye seed which he sows?

Can the selfish reap contentment?
Or the self indulgent, health?
Can the indolent glean knowledge
Or the idle gather wealth?

As we sow, we reap the harvest,
In our lives as in the field:
Seeds of goodness freely scatter,
From the reap of joyful yield.

John Andrew Storey, 1935