My Country is the world

An Affirmation by Will Hayes

My Country is the world,
My Church - wherever I may be,
All ground is holy and each day a Sabbath,
My brothers and my sisters all who dwell with me upon this earth;
For all are journeying on the Open Road;
One is our past, and one our destiny;
One then shall be our present aim whilst we are fellow-travellers -
To bear each other's burdens - to stretch the helping hand.

And this is my Religion -
So to live that all may see that I have sat at feet of Masters,
Men of olden time who walked with God,
And men who since have followed in their footsteps,
Morris, Mazzini, Whitman, Thoreau, Tolstoy and Tagore.
After the Great Companions!
Yes, and to belong to those who have their names inscribed in that great Book whose pages are the Hearts of Men.
After the Great Companions!
And to belong to those whose names are written in the Book of Love.

From 'After the Great Companions', by Will Hayes (1942)

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