Celebrating the difference

In her 2002 Christmas message, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, spoke of her sense of sharing a common heritage 'enriched by the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity of our 21 century society'.

Diversity is something to be celebrated. Each individual is unique. Each has it in her or him to contribute to the richness of humankind.

There are differences not just of culture or colour, but of age, of talents and aptitudes, of strengths and weaknesses.

We tend only to celebrate those who are like ourselves - who are of a similar age, have similar interests, share the same aptitudes. But life is so much richer when we embrace those that are different.

Just as every person is worthy of respect, so every difference is worthy of celebration.

In these pages we invite you to celebrate the difference whatever it may be.

Suggestion for collective worship

One world: A litany of celebration

Some words for meditation

Hymn: A community for all

A prayer of thanks for our uniqueness

A prayer for unity within difference

The Right Way - a poem by Bronwen Taylor

My Church is the World

It's no fun being shunned

The song of the shunned

A celebration of immigrants

Respecting those with disabilities

A celebration of those with Down's syndrome

Loving your neighbour:the Good Samaritan

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