Celebrating immigrants

The British society is multicultural. From the time of the Roman occupation (and even before) people from many parts of the world have come to Britain, settled here and founded their families here. We should celebrate this rich mix which has fostered the development of a splendid language and cultural wealth more generally.

Writing in the Times in August 2003, columnist Mary Ann Sieghart described London as 'an incredibly vibrant and cosmopolitan city'. 'It is young, it is bustling, it is energetic,' she wrote. 'London clearly has a buzz now that marks it among the top cities in the world.' She sees this is largely due to immigration.

Some people are fearful of immigration because they think it deprives them of jobs and facilities. But in fact services such as schools, hospitals and transport need immigrant labour to function adequately. So we benefit from immigrants today just as in the past we benefited from the immigrants who worked in mills and collieries.

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