For Ourselves

We pause to be conscious of that which makes each of us unique -

The colour of our eyes and hair and skin.
Our height and build. The face that is ours alone.
The inner self that no-one else knows.

The abilities and disabilities that give us our potential
to create and grow as no-one else can.

The place where we live - the town or the city
the village, coast or countryside - that helps to make us
who we are.

Our interests and hobbies; our taste in music, books or fashion;
our likes and dislikes - all the things that add up to who we are.

Let us give thanks for who we are -
As individuals, each one unique in all humankind.
As humankind, where our individuality contributes to the whole.
Let us respect and celebrate our own uniqueness,
and each other's too.

Cliff Reed

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