Bringing religion Down to earth

On the 15th October 1977 Jonathon Porritt, Director of Forum for the Future, gave the Hibbert lecture, on Bringing Religion Down to Earth. To coincide with this the Hibbert Trust devised these suggestions for acts of worship in schools and for follow-up work in RE or PSE classes.
The theme is both vast and of immense importance.We can regard the natural world in many ways: as providing resources for humankind to exploit; as something we must take care of if it is to continue to sustain us; as providing aesthetic appeal; as the source of some of our inspiration; as something of which we are ourselves simply a part and with which we must learn to live in harmony; or as a revelation of the divine.
To bring religion down to earth is to recognise the essential oneness of all creation and to bring the values religion teaches us - love, care, respect for that which is other - into our transactions with the natural world.

Bringing religion down to earth; the Jonathon Porritt lecture.
About Jonathon Porritt
Suggestions for a primary school assembly.
Suggestions for a primary school assembly II
Suggestions for a secondary school assembly.
Worship songs
Ideas for follow up
Ideas for discussion
Religious perspectives on the natural world
Meditation based on a passage from the Koran
Living Together - Symbiosis
Other organisations concerned with the environment
The Sacred Land project

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