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The Hibbert Assembly
Things to do
1. Imagine that you have moved to a new school. You speak differently from the other children and you do not know some of the things that they have been taught. A group of your classmates has begun to bully you. Write to a friend you knew at your previous school telling her or him about what the bullies say and do to you. Say how you feel about them.
2. Read Gang: A story about bullying, by M.Gowar, Horizons.
3. Read Genesis 37. Joseph's brothers set out to do something much worse even than bullying; they plan to kill him. Can we understand why they want to harm him? Would one of the brothers, if he had been on his own, have thought up this plan? Do people sometimes behave worse if they are in a group? Why might this be? How do you feel about Reuben?
4. List all the reasons you can why someone might be bullied? Do any of them justify what bullies do?
5. Read chapter one of Charlotte Bronte's novel, Jane Eyre. How did Jane feel about the way John Reed bullied her? Why do you think he he behaved as he did? Why did nobody stop him? Which do you like better, John or Jane? Why?
6. When people are bullied it makes them very miserable. It can also make them feel worthless. But everyone has worth. We are all different and we should value what makes each of us unique and special. Make a list of people you know and write something that you specially like about each of them.
7. Read part of chapter two of Dickens's novel, Oliver Twist, from "Mr.Bumble walked on with long strides.." to the end of the chapter. Then read part of chapter six. Which characters bully Oliver? In what ways? What does Dickens want us to think of the bullies? What effect does their cruelty have on Oliver? (Oliver Twist, the hero of the novel, was born in the workhouse. His mother dies giving birth to him and whilst he is very young he is out in the care of a "nurse". Then he returns to the workhouse. Mr.Bumble is a beadle, that is an officer of the parish in which the workhouse lies. In chapter six Oliver is apprenticed to an undertaker.)
8. Explore other pages about bullying at http://www.bullying.org"





9. Find out more about the problem of bullying
  10. If you are being bullied and want to talk to someone outside the school about it, you can telephone the free Childline on 0800 1111
11. You can contact Families Against Bullying at the e-mail address: [email protected]

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