Topics for discussion

1. Many people who have epilepsy enjoy activities like cycling or swimming. But there is always the risk that they will have a seizure whilst doing so and that could put them at serious risk. How can those of us who have this condition be enabled to take part in these and other activities? In what other situations might people with epilepsy be at risk?

2. How would you feel if you had epilepsy and your friends said that they were going to a football match but thought you should stay at home?

3. Although at least one in two-hundred people has epilepsy, far more research is taking place into other medical conditions than into this. There is a shortage of funds and a shortage of people interested in research in this area. Why do you suppose this is?

4. In many areas epilepsy carries a stigma. Why do you think this is? What can we do to encourage more rational and more sympathetic attitudes?

5. Do you know of other circumstances where someone's situation or medical condition makes her or him a victim of hostile attitudes? Is it ever right to stigmatize someone or a particular group of people?

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