A note to teachers

Epilepsy is a sensitive topic. Although it is simply one of many medical conditions, it still bears among the ignorant a stigma. Some children who have epilepsy are bullied.

We believe that knowledge and understanding are the best ways to counter such problems.
But some children who have epilepsy may be embarrassed or upset if the condition is discussed. If you have children in school who have epilepsy, you may like to talk with them beforehand about how they will feel if this happens. Some young people with epilepsy are very open and relaxed about their condition and you may have pupils who are willing to talk about their experience of it to a group.

You can obtain information and advice on maintaining sensible attitudes to epilepsy in school, and on classroom first-aid from Epilepsy Action (formerly thethe British Epilepsy Association).

They have a range of leaflets including
Epilepsy - a teacher's guide.
Epilepsy Action,
New Anstey House,
Gateway Drive,
LS19 7XY.
Tel. 0113-210 8800

Visit the Epilepsy Action website

BEA Freephone helpline: 0808 800 5050
(Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.30pm. Friday 9am to 4pm)

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