Sacred Space

1. Visit local places of worship.Try to find out how old they are and which religion and/or denomination they represent.

2. Find out about the different parts of a church and learn their names, such as nave, chancel, aisle, transept, apse, clerestory.

3. Find out about the different parts of a mosque, or a gurdwara.

4. Design a place of worship for one of the main world religions.

5. Enjoy a tour of Durham Cathedral

6. Find out what the difference is between a church and a cathedral.

7. Visit the web pages of England's first purpose-built mosque.

8. Find out about the Hindu temple at Neasden, London

9. Look at the ornate exterior of the Hindu temple in Singapore

10. Look at the churches in the City of London

11. Learn about the preparations made by David and the task undertaken by his son, Solomon,for the building of the first temple in Jerusalem. See the Hebrew Scriptures: 1 Chronicles Chapter 22 and Chapters 28-29.
See where archaeologists believe this temple was sited, on Temple Mount.

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