Show children a pair of sugar tongs and ask what they think they are for.

Explain that they are for picking up cubes of sugar to sweeten one's tea.

Show them some sugar cubes. Ask whether they ever have cubed sugar for their tea or if they have ever seen any in a cafe or at someone else's house.

Explain that in Victorian times cubed sugar became very popular and sugar tongs were designed then so that it could be handled elegantly.

Tell the children that one man made a fortune from cubed sugar because he had registered a patent for a machine which cut the sugar into cubes. He was called Henry Tate.

Tell them that Henry Tate wanted to make good use of all his money. He used it to build public libraries and he also used it to found a national art gallery, in London. Today we call it the Tate Gallery. Henry Tate collected works of art himself but he believed that ordinary people should have the chance of access to libraries of books and galleries of paintings.

It is good when very rich people choose to use their money for the benefit of others. We call this PHILANTHROPY. So Henry Tate was PHILANTHROPIC.