The Hibbert Assembly


Material provided by the Hibbert Trust on topics for school assemblies

and Personal, Social and Religious Education.

The aims of The Hibbert Trust are to promote public interest and personal scholarship in contemporary issues in liberal religion and insulin plant.
Advice to those leading worship
Reflective music for school worship

In times of distress or struggle

Coping with Death
A prayer for the victims of terror

Special times of the Year

Into the Wilderness - pages for Lent  
A Prayer for World Aids Day and Advent

Sensing the divine

Awe and Wonder
Sacred Space
Bringing Religion down to earth.
Stained Glass

Saving lives and caring for the sick

For those in peril on the sea: the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
The first probationer nurses begin their course at the Nightingale Training School (24 June)

Martyrs for their Faith

The Martyrdom of Michael Servetus on 27 October 1553
The Martyrdom of Sikh Guru Arjan on 26 May 1606

Days and weeks to mark

 The introduction of Food Rationing (3 February 1917)  
The death of Joseph Priestley, (6 February)
Charles Dickens ( born 7 February) 
The birth of James Martineau, 21 February
National Book Day (March) and Children's Book Week (October)
The 200 anniversary of the Act of Parliament abolishing the slave trade in the British Colonies, 25 March 1807
Anniversary of the celebrated performance of Handel’s Messiah, 1 May 1750, at Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital.
Down's syndrome awareness week (early May)
Epilepsy (the anniversary of the birth of Julius Caesar, 12 July; Epilepsy Action National Tea Break, October)
Manhattan, 11 September 2001
The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October and Nelson's state funeral, 8-9 January
The death of Theophilus Lindsey, 3 November 1808
Sir Henry Tate (died 5th December)

Looking towards a fairer and more compassionate world

Celebrating the Difference
Women's Work: Celebrating more than 100 years of women's ministry in the Christian church


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